How Data Made Domino’s the world’s No.1 pizza company

How Data Made Domino’s the world’s No.1 pizza company

Pizza and data are an unlikely pairing.

At least, that’s what people thought a decade ago, when pizza companies weren’t yet investing in digital transformation. Except Domino’s.

Repositioning itself as an “e-commerce company that happens to sell pizza,” the global pizza chain shifted its focus to digital channels and emerging technologies — without surrendering the personal touch that goes into every Domino’s pizza, from hand-tossing the dough to hand-delivering piping-hot pies to doorsteps across the globe.

Dominoes pizza and Splunk

And the efforts paid off.

Today, Domino’s dominates as the leader in global sales, thanks in large part to a data-first approach to everything from behind-the-scenes IT and security operations to daily customer interactions like ordering and delivery. To stay No. 1, the pizza powerhouse uses Splunk to inform decisions, drive innovation and satisfy customers’ cravings for speed, quality and convenience.


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