Integrating AI into E-Learning

Integrating AI into E-Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are gradually forming part of our everyday lives. Most current applications revolve around the analysis of large sets of data to gain answers to complex problems or to increase the efficiency of existing systems.

With AI slowly integrating its way into our lives, it would make perfect sense to have it integrated into our education systems. But, what can AI do for the way we learn or teach?

VCIT Insight has partnered with Adoctus – a specialist in intelligent e-learning portals to bring you a better way to learn and teach. Apart from easy course content management, progress tracking and analytics reporting, the system also features Facial Analysis Behaviour Tracking. This tracks your student’s behavior while they learn to give a complete insight and overview of course content interaction. The system also allows facial recognition for easy student login.

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Adocyus Intelligent e-learning platform with AI

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