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Conversational Commerce Platform

We’re all familiar with the worldwide adoption in messaging applications and as of 2014 messaging apps have eclipsed social media in terms of number of users with WhatsApp moving to over 2 Billion Users as of February 2020. Nearly 5 years ago Chris Messina wrote a post inventorying the forebears to what he believes (and so do we!) has become the dominant trend of consumer computing apps since 2016, a trend that he dubbed Conversational Commerce and has tracked with the hashtag #ConvComm. As he defined it, Conversational Commerce mostly pertains to utilising chat, messaging, or other natural language interfaces including voice to interact with systems, people, brands, or services and bots that heretofore have had no real place in the Enterprise world of bi-directional asynchronous messaging context.


A world first that VCIT Insight have, in terms of an Instant Messaging AI Framework & Platform called FetchIT®. With this solution portfolio, our Customers can seamlessly and securely present Business Services through WhatsApp out-of-the-box or any other IM tool of their choice. From digitising of basic Service Desk queries (BMC Remedy for example) through to complex Information Requests, Business transactions, Order transactions, Delivery streams, workflows, confirmations, Customer satisfaction, Reporting and Intelligent information literally at your fingertips…The right information for the right person at the right time. FetchIT® is able to add value by drastically reducing turnaround times within workflows thereby overcoming the issues dominant in legacy applications. We have constant flows and value-add chains that being developed by our R&D division.

Introducing FetchIT®
Conversational Commerce for Your Business

Introducing FetchIT®

Welcome to Conversational Commerce for Your Business. Get ready for more conversations, more customers and more business by enabling WhatsApp for Business. FetchIT® lets you automate and digitise your conversations with your customers – no fuss, no hassle. Just Business Sense.

Enhance your Organisation Brand and Service to Your Customers

  • Quickest and most effective to get your business on WhatsApp Business App while FetchIT®’s framework allows you to Automate Your Business.
  • Define your Responses to most and frequently asked questions, reducing business and resourcing costs by up to 75%.
  • Digitise and Conversationalise Your Business
  • Know your leads and increase conversion
  • Make it Simple

All Powerful. All Cloud. All Conversational. All the time.

Gain critical Business Insights that provide intelligent Data Driven Metrics that allow you to provide services and that are meaningful to your customers in a way they want to converse with you.

  • Revenue producing business intelligence
  • Data-driven, real-time business conversations
  • Efficient and optimised delivery of services
  • More focused staffing needs and personal touches