Defining and benchmarking your needs


VCIT Insight leverages of our combined internal and external ICT Specialists who engage your organisation, in a collaborative process, to produce a roadmap of clearly defined, measurable and prioritised objectives designed to extract the potential value from your existing ICT assets or future acquisitions. This roadmap takes into account the current working state of ICT processes, procedures, current architectures or potential deployment of critical business-driven projects like changes in legislation, shifting market dynamics, technology enhancements and cost cutting initiatives like automation, virtualisation or cloud computing.


With an approach that encompasses people, processes, policies, technologies and organisational dynamics VCIT Insight is able to guide our clients through a myriad of strategic and tactical choices relating to ICT.

From requirements definition to procurement and implementation of solutions we are able to ensure governance and accountability for ICT initiatives using tried and tested architectural and project approaches. VCIT Insight is able to provide our clients with accredited leadership and guidance in the various ICT areas to help ensure efficient and cost-effective achievement of goals.

By applying Industry standards in various solutions areas, we ensure that our clients are able to assess, define and benchmark their needs. The Solution focus areas that we are able to assist our Clients in are highlighted below:

ICT Governance

ICT Strategy & Architecture

ICT Security

Information Architecture

Project Management

By applying our unique Intellectual Property gained from experience across various enterprise type engagements with vendors like HP, IBM, Microsoft, Accenture, SAP and various local and international Consulting and Integration organisations, we are able to ensure a managed and effective implementation of the defined strategy or solution to address the business need.

In each of the above ICT Solution Focus areas VCIT Insight’s seasoned professionals ensure constant alignment to business priorities using industry standards like CoBiT, TOGAF, ISO 17799, PRINCE 2, PMBok as well as our unique Changing Worlds Methodology to gain cross sectional perspective of the role of ICT initiatives in relation to the other working parts of an organisation.

Our accredited Technology Expert Team is made up of members that are specialists within specific Product areas. Some of these areas include Splunk, Microsoft, Juniper, Meru.

Our approach to ICT

The Changing Worlds Methodology

VCIT Insight has developed an approach to ICT that ensures clear and tangible alignment of the core element of People, Process, Technology and Policies within Organisational Strategy and Vision. ICT initiatives are not simply looked upon as hardware or software acquisitions, but rather as opportunities for change, which each have the ability to enable (or frustrate) Organisational Strategy. At VCIT Insight we strive to go beyond best practice to find the right balance of technology, for our clients. Our approach that explores the interaction between People, Organisations and Technology has been created based on leading academic thinking and years of experience within complex IT and Business environments. We always look toward academia and disruptive industry developments to incorporate constant innovation in to the way we look at the world of business and technology, to ensure that our clients get access to the value of integrated practical methods.


If your Organisation is looking to embark on an ICT solution or has done so already, VCIT can provide independent Subject Matter Specialists to drive product independent conceptualisation and definition of ICT or Business needs and subsequent implementation and monitoring of appropriate solutions to ensure tangible success and achievement of objectives. We act as trusted advisors to our valued Clients and guide them through the selection of techniques, approaches, and products capable of addressing their need or challenge.

For more information on VCIT Professional Services offerings please send a short description of your request and a contact person to and we’ll get the appropriate people or teams to address your request.