Bring your operation to the next level

Want 15% higher productivity?

  • laIncrease your operational efficiency by 15% – 25%
  • Optimise people and robots together
  • Accelerate your digital transformation
  • Enhance your operational capability
  • Embed a culture of collaboration and agility
  • Improve consistency of service

01 Operational Health Check

How does your organisation compare to industry best practice? VCIT Insights’ Health Check is a comprehensive two day, on site, analysis and evaluation of your organisation’s current operational fitness. It will benchmark your business against the market and provide detailed feedback and recommendations on how to drive your company to the next level.

02 The Right Tools for the Job

Get the right tools for the job. VCIT Insights Solution is trusted by leading organisations in banking, insurance, outsourcing and governments to optimise and streamline the most demanding back office and administration environments.

03 A Roadmap that Works

Follow a roadmap that works. The Digital Active Operations Management Method is a proven framework for managing optimal daily, weekly and monthly planning and control operations processes. VCIT Insight is here to guide you through transformational change. It’s our job to make sure you successfully arrive on the other side!


Bring your operations under control with a single data view of all operations performance from robots, teams, home workers, manual processes and back office systems.


Continuous identification of latent capacity and process improvements enables load balancing between teams, managing people and robots together while driving costs down.


Agile management of your operations ensures you can react quickly to changes in demand and optimize resources, work and capacity through accurate forecasting and planning.